Our late Presidents Joseph S. Varley and his lovely wife Beverly began the P.A.S.C.C. Scholarship in 1999-2000 and he became it's namesake when he died in 2008. He understood, as do most members of our small club, that we were founded primarily by poor Portuguese immigrants, often from isolated mid-Atlantic islands where educational opportunity was nearly nonexistent.
  Our founder Lawrence Oliver detailed his own struggles with illiteracy and a late (American) education in his autobiography "Never Backward".
  It's a true testament to our immigrant ancestor's courage and struggles to adapt in this new adopted homeland that here, educational scholarships for the descendants of those immigrants are supported and higher education gladly fostered.
    Our small club has given out over $30,000 since we began our scholarship award, and we hope to continue our annual award for as long as there is a need. We also hope that as our High School seniors apply, and maybe win, that they always stay mindful of the thousands of Portuguese immigrants, often with only $5 in their pockets, who came to this country "huddled masses yearning to breath free" with barely a grade-school (if that) education; or that the U.P.S.E.S. Hall where they will be formally acknowledged was built by such immigrants who donated, collected, and recorded every bit they could (including donations as small as a nickel) in order to help their descendants have a better life. We like to believe that if our scholarship award winner/s do remember our hope, it may make them better students and better adults; and even P.A.S.C.C. members later on.
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2000 ~ Marissa Silva
2001 ~ Christina Lahr
2001 ~ Christa Thompson
2002 ~ Kristen M. Rose
2002 ~ Jennifer Silva
2003 ~ Amanda DaRosa
2003 ~ Lindsay C. Salvatierra
2003 ~ Marissa Amaral
2003 ~ Jocelyn M. Silva
2004 ~ M. Chris Leal
2004 ~ Marco R. Correia
2004 ~ Timothy M. Farrel
2005 ~ None
2006 ~ Janessa M. Camacho
2006 ~ Daniel A. Silva
2006 ~ Chantel Virissimo
2007 ~ Bridget O’Conner
2007 ~ Danielle Lopez
2007 ~ Jesse Matias
2008 ~ Felicia Coito
2008 ~ Caitlin O’Connor
2008 ~ Christopher Farrel
2009 ~ Kristina Virissimo
2010 ~ Alex Unger
2011 ~ Lauren C. Cantrell
2011 ~ Paige Rauterkus
2011 ~ Zachary St. Louis
2012 ~ Luis Marroquin
2012 ~ Nazaré Simas
2013 ~ Natalie Teles
2013 ~ Austin Siragusa
2013 ~ Lauren Amaral
2014 ~ Carol A. Madruga
2014 ~ Jillian Virissimo
2015 ~ None
2016 ~ Brielle Mussomeli
2016 ~ Matteo Camacho-Bier
Continued CONGRATULATIONS to our Scholarship winners; year by year:
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Please contact YVONNE SIRAGUSA at 619-463-4662 or or mail to:
3520 Tralee Terrace, Spring Valley, CA 91977 (*by the annual April 15th deadline*)
1940 - 2015
San Diego's
2016 - $1,000 Award
Brielle Mussomeli
Matteo Camacho-Bier
2016 - $250 Award